America’s natural gas industry will be essential to achieve a net-zero emissions future.

Climate change is a defining challenge across the globe, and natural gas, natural gas utilities, and the delivery infrastructure are essential to meeting our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals. By including natural gas, advanced fuels, and our world-class infrastructure, we can expand our opportunities to slash emissions, unleash greater innovation and enhance energy reliability.

69% decline

Emissions from natural gas distribution systems have declined 69% since 1990.

$100 Million

Natural gas utilities are investing more than $100 million to advance low- and zero-carbon technologies to protect our environment.

30-year lows

Natural gas efficiency, combined with the growth of renewable energy, has led to energy-related carbon dioxide emissions hitting 30-year lows.

A Reliable and Resilient Energy System is Essential to the U.S. Economy

The natural gas system’s physical characteristics provide stability to the energy system. With an underground, looped infrastructure, pipelines are shielded from many major disruptive events.