State Affairs

AGA advocates on behalf of its members in both the federal and state arenas. The AGA State Affairs Committee is the association’s committee responsible for developing, promoting and advocating policy positions in the state legislative, regulatory and rate areas. The committee monitors state legislative, regulatory and rate related developments that may impact the natural gas industry and seeks to identify trends and develop appropriate strategies for promoting the industry’s interests. As well, the committee provides a forum for the sharing and dissemination of information related to state activities. The State Affairs Committee is dedicated to serving as a valuable and trusted resource to NARUC commissioners, governors, attorneys general, state legislators and other state policymakers in their consideration of public policy issues related to the natural gas utility industry.

For more information contact:

Daniel Lapato
Senior Director, State Affairs 
(202) 824-7122

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Rates and Regulations

The AGA advances members’ interests on issues related to natural gas rates, tariffs and regulatory procedures.

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