Safety is the core value for America’s natural gas utilities.

The industry takes a number of steps to help maintain a longstanding record of safely and reliably delivering natural gas to homes and businesses across the nation.

2.7 million miles

Natural gas is delivered to customers through a safe, efficient and reliable 2.7-million-mile underground pipeline system.

$33 billion per year

America’s natural gas utilities spend more than $33 billion annually to help enhance the safety of natural gas delivery systems.

135 peer reviews

Peer Reviews help companies share leading practices and identify opportunities to better serve customers and communities. Since the program began in 2015, AGA has administered 135 peer reviews for member companies on 322 different topics.

Natural Gas is Safe and Affordable 

Natural gas is more affordable than other major home energy sources. In addition to safely and reliably fueling millions of homes and businesses, natural gas saves you money.