AGA's 2022 Advocacy Priorities

Protecting the People by Leading on Safety and Security

➢ Advocate for reasonable and effective pipeline safety regulations which address the legislative mandates, enhance public safety, and protect the environment
➢ Advance the industry’s commitment to safety and to implementing Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS) through programs that continually improve the safe and reliable delivery of natural gas
➢ Expand current peer review assessment programs that enable members to exchange leading safety practices
➢ Identify and promote opportunities to reduce excavation damages and share leading practices amongst the membership within the Operating Section 
➢ Launch a secure platform to collect incident and near miss data to enable event learning from operators who voluntarily submit data
➢ Advocate for reasonable and effective cybersecurity legislation and regulations that are based on the latest industry standard and reflect feasible physical security oversight by government
➢ Elevate the technological capabilities of the Downstream Natural Gas Information Sharing & Analysis Center to enhance industry-wide vigilance to evolving physical and cyber threats
➢ Exercise continued vigilance and responsiveness to support the natural gas utility industry’s ability to remain fully operational during evolving COVID-19 conditions

Preserving the Planet by Delivering State-of-the-Art Energy Solutions

➢ Implement programs and conduct analysis that support the industry’s commitments to reducing greenhouse gas emissions outlined in AGA’s Climate Change Position Statement 
➢ Pursue initiatives, partnerships, and policies to accelerate energy efficiency opportunities and the adoption of advanced gas end-use technologies
➢ Conduct direct gas use applications and gas infrastructure modeling, studies, and policy analysis that support community energy needs, economic potential, and achieve deep carbon emissions reductions
➢ Build on initiatives to provide members credible, consistent and effective options for meeting and reporting their ESG obligations
➢ Demonstrate the natural gas industry’s contribution to energy system resilience and advocate for supporting policies and regulatory frameworks
➢ Enable opportunities for renewable and low-carbon supply resources for gas distribution company customers by advancing supporting policies and regulatory frameworks
➢ Identify and advocate for rate policies that help ensure utilities can obtain capital and a reasonable rate of return for infrastructure investment
➢ Ensure effective public policy recognizes natural gas and preserves customer choice by engaging in public policy, regulatory and legal forums where it is discussed and determined
➢ Energize national coalition partners, stakeholders, organized labor, allied trade associations and regional gas associations to effectively collaborate on natural gas advocacy initiatives

Picturing the Potential by Focusing on Innovation

➢ Advocate for federal and state policies, appropriations, and regulation to accelerate research, development, demonstration, and deployment of innovative technologies and modernized natural gas infrastructure
➢ Advance collaboration among renewable natural gas and hydrogen research and deployment initiatives including a focus on systems and customer safety and reliability, and enabling consumer access
➢ Provide forums to exchange innovative practices across utility operations and engineering, security, finance and administration, legal and human resources business units
➢ Deliver pertinent research, fact-based interpretation of industry data and issues, economic modeling and benchmarking to advance industry excellence

Demonstrating Best-In-Class Association Management

➢ Exhibit strong fiscal responsibility and revise as necessary AGA’s Enterprise Risk Management, Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plans
➢ Continuously examine our succession, recruitment and retention plans to attract and maintain a highly skilled, diverse and motivated staff
➢ Continuously examine and modernize AGA’s internal financial and governance systems and checks and balances