Advocacy Priorities

AGA's 2017-2018 Advocacy Priorities

Pipeline Safety and Underground Storage: Advocate for Reasonable and Effective DOT/PHMSA Regulation, Development and Implementation for Pipeline and Underground Storage Safety as well as Pipeline Safety Act Mandates

Economic and Environmental Benefits of Natural Gas: Advocate for Regulatory Reform and Legislation that will Position Natural Gas to Enhance Economic Growth and a Cleaner Energy Economy

Natural Gas Infrastructure: Advocate for Infrastructure Investment and Innovative Rate Approaches that Promote a Robust, Reliable and Efficient Expansion and Modernization of the System

End Use: Support Policies and Remove Barriers for Expanded Use of Natural Gas in Homes, Businesses, and Industry

Physical and Cyber Security: Advocate for Reasonable and Effective Physical and Cybersecurity Policies and Programs that Bolster Federal Government-Industry Partnerships and Promote Coordination Among Governmental Agencies

Efficient Permitting for Pipeline Safety Projects and Infrastructure Investments: Advocate for Policies that Remove Barriers and help Facilitate Efficient Permitting for Pipeline Safety Projects and Infrastructure Investments

Tax Policies: Advocate for Tax Policies that Encourage Economic Growth, Long-term Investment in Capital Formation and Job Creation

Natural Gas Markets and Reliable Pipeline Service: Advocate to help Ensure Well-Functioning Natural Gas Markets and the Continued Reliability of Pipeline Service to Bring Natural Gas Supplies to Natural Gas Utility Markets

LIHEAP: Advocate for Adequate LIHEAP Funding

Natural Gas Supply Diversity, Stability and Responsible Production: Support Policies that help Ensure Natural Gas Supply Diversity, Stability and Responsible Resource Development

Coordination across Critical Infrastructure Interdependencies: Advocate for Reasonable and Effective Natural Gas and Electric System Coordination Policies and Programs to help Enhance Resiliency and Reliability without an Undue Burden on the Customer

Workforce Development: Help Ensure a Skilled and Diverse Workforce

Natural Gas as a Transportation Alternative: Advocate for Policies that Promote the Development of Natural Gas as a Transportation Alternative

PCBs, Air and Waste Regulations: Obtain Workable Rules on PCBs, Air and Waste Regulations on Utility, Commercial and Industrial Operations

Accounting Rules: Seek Workable Accounting Rules