AGA's 2021 Advocacy Priorities

Protecting the People by Leading on Safety and Security

➢ Exercise vigilance and responsiveness to support the gas utility industry’s ability to
remain fully operational during evolving COVID-19 conditions
➢ Develop or maintain programs and initiatives to continually improve on the safe and
reliable delivery of natural gas, focusing on advancing the industry’s commitment to
implement Pipeline Safety Management Systems (PSMS)
➢ Complete a pilot for PSMS virtual assessments and expand our capabilities to identify
incidents trends and effective remedial actions
➢ Increase the natural gas industry’s capabilities and accountability to more effectively
address physical and cyber security
➢ Enhance the Downstream Natural Gas Information Sharing & Analysis Center
capability to support industry-wide vigilance to evolving physical and cyber threats
➢ Actively engage with public utility commissions and other stakeholders to help
advance our safety and security related regulatory and legislative priorities
➢ Execute AGA’s expanded mutual aid program and educate members on

Preserving the Planet by Delivering State-of-the-Art Energy Solutions

➢ Implement programs and conduct analysis that support industry’s commitments to
reducing greenhouse gas emissions outlined in AGA’s Climate Change Position
➢ Accelerate initiatives to advance energy efficiency
➢ Develop forward-thinking economic modeling, studies, and policy analysis to support
direct gas use and its infrastructure as a pathway to deep carbon emissions reductions
➢ Expand industry participation in the Natural Gas Sustainability Initiative to include mid
and up stream segments
➢ Demonstrate the natural gas industry’s contribution to energy system resiliency and
advocate for supporting policies and programs
➢ Advocate for rate policies that help ensure utilities are able to obtain capital and a
reasonable rate of return for infrastructure investment
➢ Intervene as appropriate in policy, legal, regulatory and codes and standards
proceedings that unjustifiably hinder access to natural gas delivery to customers
➢ Engage national coalition partners, stakeholders, allied trade association and regional
gas associations to better align and execute natural gas advocacy initiatives

Picturing the Potential by Focusing on Innovation

➢ Advocate for federal and state policies, legislation, regulation and codes and
standards that promote innovative technologies and modernized natural gas
infrastructure as an integral part of the future energy portfolio
➢ Advance collaboration among RNG and hydrogen research and deployment
initiatives including a focus on systems and customer safety and reliability
➢ Envision the future of energy infrastructure to achieve decarbonization goals
➢ Provide forums to exchange innovative practices across utility operations and
engineering, finance and administration, legal and human resources business units
➢ Deliver pertinent research, interpretation of industry data and issues, economic
modeling and benchmarking to enhance industry excellence

Demonstrating Best-In-Class Association Management

➢ Exhibit strong fiscal responsibility and maintain and revise as necessary AGA’s
Enterprise Risk Management, Emergency Response and Business Continuity Plans
➢ Continuously examine our succession, recruitment and retention plans to attract and
maintain a highly skilled, diverse and motivated staff required to accomplish AGA’s
priorities today and in the future