Apply for Transmission and Marketing Companies Membership

The American Gas Association (AGA) provides national and regional forums for natural gas transmission and distribution companies to mutually address operations best practices and discuss issues related to security, pipeline integrity, gas quality, research, safety and occupational health, storage, environment, measurement, and gas control. 

AGA – the advocate for the natural gas utility industry.

AGA – a primary source for vital industry data and the leader in standards development and best practices.

AGA provides unparalleled educational and networking opportunities.

Forums and technological opportunities to facilitate information sharing on safety, security, reliability, efficiency, environmental, operations, customer care, rate design, regulatory trends, workforce, financial, accounting, customer service and consumer affairs.
Multiple forums for “best practice” sharing to assist in the achievement of operational, technological and customer service excellence.

Through participation in the International Gas Union, AGA provides forums for the exchange of ideas between international and American natural gas companies.

Transmission and Marketing Companies participate in all AGA programs and committees except for those directly relating to government advocacy, as AGA’s efforts focus on utility interests; however, AGA often advocates for issues that are beneficial to both pipelines and natural gas utilities.

For more information, please contact Edith Naegele at Membership dues for Transmission and Marketing Companies are tiered, based on a 3-year average of operating income based on gas assets (with a maximum cap). 

For a quick estimate of what dues would be for your organization simply complete the Membership Dues Estimate Application Form