Natural Gas Fuels U.S. Healthcare

We can all agree, our hospitals need reliable, around-the-clock access to efficient and affordable fuel. For thousands of hospitals and care facilities nationwide, natural gas fuels medical and lab equipment, computers and servers, space heating, food service, laundry and more.

Take the quiz now to learn more about the vital role natural gas plays in the U.S. healthcare sector!

Question #1

The U.S. healthcare sector uses more than 271 billion cubic feet of natural gas each year, which is more than the annual natural gas consumption of ___ individual states.(Required)

Question #2

What share of U.S. hospitals use natural gas for space heating?(Required)

Question #3

Mandating the use of all-electric appliances for heating, cooling and other key functions would create $16.3 billion in added costs for the U.S. healthcare sector through 2050. Which three states would bear the highest costs of electrification?(Required)

Question #4

True or False: In 2021, millions of homes and businesses in Texas lost power during Winter Storm Uri, but natural gas microgrids were able to supply continuous power to more than 140 customer sites, including healthcare and senior citizen facilities.(Required)

Question #5

What is the most likely outcome of a cost increase within the U.S. healthcare sector?(Required)
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