Have a Happy Halloween with Natural Gas

Learn more about the spooky side of natural gas in this quiz

Question #1

Movie too scary? Natural gas keeps the popcorn popping. How many natural gas customers face unplanned service outages each year?(Required)

Question #2

Natural gas helps you save so you can be the house that gives out the best candy. How much do homes that use natural gas for heating, cooking and clothes drying save each year?(Required)

Question #3

Bobbing for apples, carving jack ‘o lanterns, exploring a corn maze? It all relies on natural gas. How much natural gas does the U.S. agriculture sector use each year?(Required)

Question #4

Is there anything spookier than a pot of water that is slow to boil? That’s why _____ of chefs prefer to cook with natural gas!(Required)

Question #5

Planning a Halloween trip to Transylvania? Hotels, amusement parks, restaurants and other tourist destinations rely on natural gas to provide great experiences for their guests. Natural gas is ____ more affordable than electricity, helping the hospitality sector thrive!(Required)

Question #6

Looking to keep out ghosts and ghouls? Natural gas utilities invest ___ every day to upgrade insulation, install tighter-fitting windows and doors, and more!(Required)
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