Earth Day Quiz

Natural gas is a key component in maintaining clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy, and Earth Day is a great day to remind us of how important it is to continue protecting our environment and supporting our energy future. When considering pathways forward, it is important to remember the vital role the natural gas industry plays in meeting our nation’s environmental goals.

Take the quiz below to test your knowledge of the natural gas industry’s commitment to the planet!

Question #1

Natural gas emissions have declined ___ since 1990.(Required)

Question #2

Carbon dioxide emissions from residences using natural gas are about __ lower than those from an all-electric home.(Required)

Question #3

What are the ways that the natural gas industry is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions?(Required)

Question #4

Since 1990, the natural gas industry has supported a decline in emissions by modernizing natural gas lines by___ times.(Required)

Question #5

True or False: Natural gas is essential to meeting our nations’ greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals.(Required)
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