Michael Murray

General Counsel

Michael Murray was named General Counsel of the American Gas Association (AGA) in October 2017. Since joining the Association in 2001, Mr. Murray has had extensive experience handling complex association and industry legal matters. He provides legal advice and representation to the Association and the natural gas industry on key activities and advocacy priorities. He represents AGA at the Department of Justice, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, Federal Trade Commission, Consumer Product Safety Commission and similar government agencies.

Mr. Murray serves as a Staff Executive to the Association’s Legal Committee which is made of up of the chief legal officers of AGA members. He has also been legal advisor to a number of AGA Board and other committees relating to public policy, utility operating and engineering practices, cybersecurity, codes and standards, advertising, and insurance.

Prior to joining AGA, Mr. Murray held a number of government and private practice positions in Virginia and Washington, D.C., which focused on state and federal litigation, antitrust compliance and employment law. He is an active member of the District of Columbia and Virginia bars. He is also a member of the U.S. Supreme Court Bar and various federal circuit and district courts.