NGSI is a voluntary, industry-wide approach for companies to calculate methane emissions intensity by segment—the Methane Emissions Intensity Protocol (Protocol). This consistent, transparent and comparable method for measuring and reporting methane emissions throughout the natural gas supply chain will improve the quality of information available and will help companies more effectively identify ways to reduce methane emissions and communicate progress.

This initiative is the result of a collaborative effort spearheaded by the American Gas Association (AGA) and Edison Electric Institute (EEI) together with the investor community and experts from upstream, midstream and downstream natural gas companies.

The NGSI Methane Emissions Intensity Protocol, Version 1.0, was publicly announed in February 2021. Version 1.0 includes the following documentation: a Protocol overview (PDF) and 5 data reporting templates (Excel spreadsheets), one for each of the following segments of the natural gas value chain – production, gathering & boosting, processing, transmission & storage, and distribution. The resulting methane emissions intensity metric can be disclosed by EEI and AGA members on the EEI-AGA ESG Reporting Template as well as their company-specific sustainability webpage. Non-EEI and AGA members may consider disclosing their NGSI methane intensity metric on their sustainability webpage.

For further information or questions, please contact Tim Parr, AGA (, Jennifer Golinsky Baseman, AGA ( Edith Naegele, AGA ( or Bill Pfister, EEI (

NGSI Methane Intensity Protocol

NGSI Data Reporting Template for Transmission & Storage

NGSI Data Reporting Template for Distribution

*Corrected July 2021 NGSI Reporting Template Gathering and Boosting

*Corrected July 2021 NGSI Reporting Template Processing

*Corrected July 2021 NGSI Reporting Template Production

* Note: The Production, Gathering & Boosting, and Processing Reporting Templates were updated in July 2021 to correct an inconsistency, called to our attention by companies that piloted the NGSI Protocol, that could otherwise cause a discrepancy between the NGSI methane intensity output in the facility calculation tabs and the “Public Data” tab.  Please use the Corrected July 2021 Templates for reporting.  No changes were needed in the Transmission & Storage or Distribution Templates.