National Safe Digging Month Quiz

Safety is the number one priority for the natural gas utility industry. As the weather gets nicer, you may be planning your next home improvement project involving digging, such as gardening, building a fence or deck or installing a landscaping feature. Before you start digging, it’s critical that you call 811 and learn the location of your underground utility lines to prevent damage and protect yourself and your community.

Take the quiz below to test your understanding of the importance of safe digging this spring!

Question #1

What is the first step any homeowner should take before embarking on a gardening or landscaping project this spring?(Required)

Question #2

True or False: If you’re planting flowers or doing other shallow digging, you don’t need to call 811.(Required)

Question #3

How much does it cost for utility lines to be professionally located and marked?(Required)

Question #4

Each year, damages to underground utilities cost the United States an estimated $___ billion.(Required)

Question #5

How can hitting an underground utility line impact you and your community?(Required)
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