Test Your Natural Gas Safety Knowledge!

Safety is the natural gas industry’s top priority. Natural gas utilities are committed to the highest safety standards, investing billions to provide American communities with reliable fuel through extreme weather, cyberattacks and more.

Take the quiz now and test your knowledge of natural gas safety!

Question #1

How many Americans rely on safe, reliable natural gas?(Required)

Question #2

Before digging in your yard, what number should you call?(Required)

Question #3

What is the first thing you should do if you smell gas in your home?(Required)

Question #4

What’s the best way to protect yourself from smoke, steam and grease while cooking?(Required)

Question #5

How much do America’s natural gas utilities invest in safety initiatives?(Required)

Question #6

How often should you have your gas appliances inspected by a qualified professional?(Required)

Question #7

How many miles of resilient, modern pipeline do utilities use to deliver natural gas to homes and businesses nationwide?(Required)

Question #8

True or False: During severe winter storms in February 2021, including Winter Storm Uri, natural gas systems continued to provide safe and reliable service to customers with few interruptions.(Required)

Question #9

What share of natural gas customers experience unplanned outages each year?(Required)
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