5 Ways Natural Gas Fuels Your Holidays

Households that use natural gas for heating, cooking and clothes drying save an average of $1,068 per year compared to using electricity for those appliances.
This holiday season, you can cook with gas and make everything from latkes, to hot chocolate, to gingerbread cookies. Natural gas is fueling your meals this December, making your dishes affordable, efficient, and delicious.
As beautiful as a winter wonderland is, your home needs to stay warm. Natural gas fuels the heat in your home, so you and your family are safe and cozy when it’s snowing out. But that’s not all- natural gas bills are predicted to be down by over 20% this year, saving you money and keeping your home heated at the same time!
Holiday lights are stunning — and thanks to natural gas, you can keep them on all winter long!
Thanks to natural gas, you can keep your fireplace burning and create a warm, cozy atmosphere for family and friends this holiday season.