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The American Gas Association (AGA), founded in 1918, represents energy companies delivering natural gas safely, reliably, and in an environmentally responsible way to help improve the quality of life for their customers every day.  Headquartered on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., AGA is committed to leveraging and utilizing America’s abundant, domestic, affordable and clean natural gas to help meet the nation’s energy and environmental needs.

By working collectively, AGA members:

  • Enhance their operational excellence;
  • Protect the interests of the natural gas industry;
  • Address common concerns; and
  • Promote the efficient use of natural gas.

AGA’s mission is to provide clear value to its membership and serve as the indispensable, leading voice and facilitator on its behalf in promoting the safe, reliable, and efficient delivery of natural gas to homes and businesses across the nation.  AGA also provides a broad range of programs and services for member natural gas pipelines, marketers, gatherers, international natural gas companies and industry associates. 

Membership Categories

Companies join AGA based on the following membership categories:

  • Full members: U.S. natural gas distribution companies and their corporate parents.
  • Limited members: U.S. natural gas transmission companies, Canadian and Mexican natural gas distribution and transmission companies; and natural gas marketers, brokers and gatherers; and LNG companies.
  • Associate members: Natural gas suppliers; consultants; professionals in the operating, financial, marketing and legal communities; and others who provide services to the natural gas industry.
  • International members and international affiliate members: Organizations outside of North America that are interested in international natural gas activities.

For more information contact Tracy Burleson (202-824-7229) or Kelly Batte (202-824-7026).

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