AGA Celebrates Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day

Friday, March 18 is Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day. From sea to shining sea, the people that work for America’s natural gas utilities are the lifeblood of our industry. Safety is our top priority and what keeps safety as a core value for AGA members, decade after decade, is the commitment of employees to make safety a top priority and to constantly enhance our safety programs. This includes the safety of our customers and communities, but also the safety of our employees. We want everyone to get home safely after a day on the job.

123,000 people are employed by America’s natural gas utilities, that is everyone from our teams installing pipelines under the streets to the folks in the call center answering customers’ questions. Increasingly, America’s natural gas utilities are hiring technical experts who operate unmanned aerial vehicles, robots that inspect pipelines and cybersecurity experts. Our safety culture extends to cyberspace, as well.

Producing, transporting, delivering and using natural gas touches so many other industries, too. More than 4.1 million jobs are connected to the natural gas industry. It supports the employment of people that make natural gas appliances, work in restaurants that cook with natural gas and factories that use natural gas to make the products we use every day. These are the 5.5 million businesses that save money and sustain jobs by using natural gas.

Working for a natural gas utility is a great job with opportunities for lifelong advancement. At AGA, it is not uncommon to come across an employee who has worked here for more than 30 years. That is reflective of our member companies where we routinely see 40-year anniversaries and multiple generations working side-by-side.

The American Gas Association salutes natural gas utility workers every day of the year. Please help us celebrate them this Natural Gas Utility Workers’ Day.

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