Americans Want Natural Gas

Americans want natural gas and agree that it should be part of achieving a cleaner energy. According to polling conducted in February 2024 by Morning Consult, a majority of Americans believe that natural gas should play a role in reducing emissions and supporting our energy needs. The data shows strong support for utilizing more natural gas to transition towards a cleaner future.

The affordable, reliable, and safe service that natural gas customers experience has resulted in a record 67% of Americans having a favorable view of natural gas as an energy source. In fact, 64% of Americans support expanding the use of natural gas as an energy source, with CO2 emissions from residences using natural gas for space heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying about 18% lower than those from all-electric homes.

Research shows that incorporating natural gas, advanced gas technologies and innovative infrastructure is not just a choice in achieving net-zero emissions but an essential part of getting there. Emissions from the natural gas distribution system have declined 70% since 1990, and continued investment in innovation will lead to further declines. Seven out of 10 of Americans agree that natural gas should play a role in reducing emissions, and 63% agree that natural gas is a clean source of energy.

This isn’t new information – natural gas consistently polls with high favorability year after year, which is a testament to the industry’s dependability and commitment to excellence. The industry is constantly growing, innovating and improving itself, delivering essential service to customers and doing so with greater efficiency and cleaner than ever before.