Did Amazon’s New Renewable Natural Gas Investment Come with Free Two-Day Shipping?

We’re just curious.

Last month Amazon.com—fine purveyor of at least one thing that’s within five feet of you right now—announced that it had inked a deal to purchase renewable natural gas (RNG) from Clean Energy Fuels Corp. over the next five years. The terms of the deal give Amazon the opportunity to make an even greater investment should it choose to in the future, suggesting that the company wants to keep its options open as it makes RNG a part of its plans to go carbon-neutral by 2040.

Amazon’s interest in RNG is a testament to its valuable role as an energy resource and a sign that RNG is well on its way to going mainstream. When the world’s second-largest retailer is investing in you, you’re no longer allowed to call yourself “niche.”

But Amazon isn’t the only company making announcements about RNG in the last several months. New York utility National Fuel announced its intent to make RNG a greater part of its fuel sources in the future. NextEra Energy Inc. said ­­it would develop a landfill gas capture facility in Minnesota in partnership with Opal Fuels LLC. Late last year Dominion Energy and Smithfield Foods announced that they had completed construction on an RNG plant in Utah.

Taken together these announcements all signal how RNG is moving to the main stage. The more of these investments there are, the more economically-feasible RNG becomes and the more the whole industry–and the whole planet—stands to benefit.

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