Even as demand for natural gas increases year after year, natural gas usage per household has decreased as natural gas utilities continue to invest in energy efficiency. The natural gas distribution system adds more than one new residential customer every minute and approximately 80 businesses every day. Yet because of energy efficiency and other innovations, emissions from the natural gas distribution system have declined 69% since 1990.


The natural gas delivery system is 92% efficient from production to customer.

$4.3 Million

Natural gas utilities invest $4.3 million every day in energy efficiency programs.


Emissions from the natural gas distribution system have declined 70% since 1990.

Commitment to Efficiency

As outlined in AGA’s 2020 Natural Gas Efficiency Programs Report, gas utilities spent a total of $1.57 billion on energy efficiency related expenditures in 2020 and budgeted $1.6 billion for the 2021 program year. Spending on energy efficiency programs by natural gas utilities has increased by 391 percent since 2007. Forty-two percent of expenditures went towards single-family residential programs, while 22 percent went towards low-income programs

With these significant investments, natural gas utilities have saved 1.7 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn more about what gas utilities are doing to invest in new strategies to extend energy efficiency options to customers and their communities and accelerate progress toward realizing a clean energy future.

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