2023 AGA/EEI Accounting for Energy Derivatives Training Seminar

Sep 13, 2023 – Sep 15, 2023
Rosemont, IL

AGA, EEI and EY are pleased to announce a renewal of the highly popular Accounting for Energy Derivatives seminar.  The landscape within the power and gas markets has evolved, especially with the growth in renewable energy.  Understanding how the markets operate and the types of contracts executed has become increasingly challenging when applying the accounting rules.   This seminar is intended to provide an overview of the operational aspects of the energy and renewable markets and how to apply ASC 815, Derivatives and Hedge Accounting as well as other related guidance to the types of contracts executed within these markets.  As the accounting guidance was updated, we will also explore how companies are taking advantage the simplified hedge approaches in order to achieve hedge accounting.  

This seminar brings together industry experts to discuss real world issues and provide insight into the standard and how energy companies apply the concepts.   Some of the topics will include:

  • Overview of significant changes in the energy and renewables markets, the impact to      business models and insights into what lies ahead.  
  • How physical and financial instruments are used in the industry and their impact on the financial statements.
  • Overview of renewable contracts, including REC’s, VPPA, RINs, battery storage, and the related accounting implications
  • Panel discussion on how companies account for Energy Contracts 
  • Application of ASC 820, Fair Value Measurement
  • Hot topics from the SEC and FASB 

Who Should Attend
Targeted toward all utility accounting and finance professionals that work with derivatives. Throughout the 3 days, we will discuss and include examples of the new derivative guidance.