2024 AGA Smart Meters Webinar Series

Jun 20, 2024 – Jul 11, 2024

AGA’s Customer Field Operations & Measurement (CFSM) Committee is hosting a three-part webinar series on Smart Meters (June 20, June 27, and July 11). 

Many gas companies are interested in Smart Meters because of the benefits they can offer.  One benefit is automatic usage data transmission, reducing the need for bill estimates, onsite visits and customer meter reads. Smart Meters equipped with a remotely controlled valve also allow the gas company to switch the gas on/off, which can help in emergency situations. This webinar series will help our members get a better understanding of the Smart Meter technology, technical and practical considerations for their deployment in your service territory, and what to expect for the future of this technology.

Each session of this series will cover a different topic:  -June 20 – Current Smart Meter Technology   -June 27 – Future Smart Meter Technology   -July 11 – Deployment Case Studies / Lessons Learned

Each webinar will be held from 1:00 – 3:00 pm ET.