Flowers, Food, and More: How Natural Gas is Fueling Mother’s Day 

Mother’s Day, a time when many of us stop to appreciate the powerful and dedicated women in our lives. We’ll buy flowers, make dinner or book a reservation at a nice restaurant – those are just a few of the special things many people do to make the moms in our lives feel appreciated. Although it may not be immediately apparent, natural gas helps make many of these special moments possible. 

About one third of Americans reported buying flowers on Mother’s Day, spending a total of more than $3 billion dollars. This agricultural lift would not be possible without natural gas, which provides nearly 80% of all energy used to produce many of the fertilizers used to ensure crops flourish. In fact, the U.S. agriculture industry is one of the natural gas industry’s largest customers. Thanks to natural gas, there are plentiful, healthy flowers for you to pick from at your local florist shop. 

Natural gas also fuels your Mother’s Day dinner reservation – making sure that the restaurants she loves can serve their customers quickly, consistently, and affordably. A whopping 96% of professional chefs prefer cooking with natural gas. Why? Top chefs from across the country weighed in and the answer is clear – in a fast-paced environment where top notch service is expected, the speed, control and reliability of natural gas just can’t be beat. Additionally, natural gas’ use in agriculture helps to ensure professional and home chefs alike have bountiful, affordable food to put on the table. 

This Mother’s Day, as we express our gratitude to our mothers and the mothers in our lives and communities, we can also give thanks for the affordable, reliable, safe and clean natural gas that supports those bouquets, food, and restaurant meals. So, shower Mom with love and appreciation and know that natural gas has your back for whatever celebration you have planned for the day.