Fueling Our Resilient Energy Future

The American Gas Foundation (AGF) is out with a new study looking at the importance of natural gas in a resilient energy system. Our energy grid is changing rapidly. With the transition of coal generation to renewables and natural gas, we are seeing utilities, system operators, regulators and policymakers deliberate the design and structure of our future energy infrastructure.

Natural gas is destined to play a significant role in these conversations. This is true not only because of the abundant supply of natural gas in this country that will fuel our economic growth, but because of its increased efficiency and reduction in emissions.

The study has also found the resilience of our current energy system is largely dependent on the gas system’s ability to quickly respond to events and use its extensive storage resources for long durations and peak seasonal demand.

To understand this fact, we can look at four case studies laid out in the AGF study; all of them natural disasters that natural gas played a crucial role providing support to the energy system in maintaining resilience.

Click here to see all of the study materials including executive summary, summarized report and the full report.