How Natural Gas Fuels Your Summer Adventures

  • Stephen Rupp
  • For many, the end of May means the unofficial start of summer. Kids are finishing the school year, families are heading out on vacation, and people across America are firing up the grill for cookouts. While you may associate natural gas with the cold months and heating, your natural gas utilities also play a significant role in your summer festivities. 

    The three-day weekends throughout the summer can mean an extra day off for a quick vacation. Natural gas is a critical part of the lodging and hospitality supply chain, keeping the hotels and some rental homes comfortable through the summer heat. The hot towels, warm showers, and temperature- controlled pools that await you wherever your vacation takes you remain affordable, reliable amenities due to the nearly 300 billion cubic feet of natural gas fueling America’s hospitality industry nationwide. 

    Early summer also means the start of grilling season. There’s a reason why cooking with natural gas is synonymous with speed and efficiency. Natural gas stoves demonstrate the pinnacle of control and consistency, which is why both at home and in restaurants natural gas is the clear choice for serious cooks. If you’re one of the lucky ones with a natural gas grill connected directly to your home, you’re good to go. If not, you may want to check the propane tank so you aren’t disappointed when you realize you have a tray of raw burgers and no way to cook them. 

    As the weather warms and we all come together to celebrate the start of the summer season, know that reliable and affordable natural gas infrastructure is a big part of what keeps your fun in the sun possible. Whether you’re hitting the road for a quick vacation or enjoying a backyard barbecue, natural gas ensures your experiences are smooth and enjoyable. From hotel rooms to spas and heated pools to sizzling grills, natural gas contributes to almost every aspect of your summer festivities. As you, your family and friends come together for cookouts, yard games, and fireworks, you’ll be able to focus on making memories and enjoying each other’s company, trusting reliable natural gas to make the experience easy, comfortable and fun.