Natural Gas: A Natural “must” for Father’s Day

Excuse the Dad Joke

  • Stephen Rupp
  • Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. It’s Father’s Day, you’ve got meat in the fridge you were planning to grill…and no one remembered to check if there was propane left in the tank, prompting a frantic last-minute dash to the store. When it comes to Father’s Day backyard barbecues, there’s no better companion for grilling than natural gas. Whether it’s steaks, burgers, or your favorite vegetable dish, natural gas grills offer a top-tier grilling experience that can help make Father’s Day celebrations that much more special for the dads in your life.

    Natural gas provides consistent and reliable heat for cooking, valued by professional chefs and at-home grill masters alike – making sure those dad’s favorites come out with the same delicious flavor every time. You can feel good about the environmental benefits of cooking with natural gas too, with natural gas homes averaging 18% lower emissions than their all-electric equivalents. And let’s not forget cost – natural gas delivers an average savings of $1,132 per year compared to homes using electricity for things like cooking. The low cost of natural gas has saved families of $125 billion (about $380 per person in the U.S.) over the last 10 years.

    For those looking to enhance their grilling skills, natural gas grills offer the versatility needed to deliver on time-tested favorites while also experimenting with new recipes and techniques. According to chef Joe Sheridan from Atlantic City, “It’s the control…you can boil a pot of water and then turn the heat down and bring it to a low simmer in seconds.” From direct grilling to slow roasting and even smoking, the control you have over your cooking surface with natural gas makes it possible to perfect almost any recipe and, with practice, achieve professional-level results. If you’re looking for new dishes to wow the dads in your life this year, check out our online recipe book – filled with quick bites and chef favorites

    Natural gas is a natural companion for Father’s Day (excuse the dad joke). Between its consistency, affordability and the control it offers in cooking, it is an ideal choice for dads and families celebrating this June. This Father’s Day, fire up the natural gas grill and enjoy a memorable cookout with family and friends.