The natural gas industry is and will continue to be a leader in providing cutting edge solutions to our nation’s energy needs and urgent environmental goals. The industry’s demonstrated commitment to achieving significant emissions reductions through ambitious innovation will achieve the cleaner energy future we all want through actions today, tomorrow and well into the future.

Natural gas efficiency and the growth of renewable energy have led to energy-related carbon dioxide emissions hitting 30-year lows. To help ensure we continue on this path, the American Gas Association unveiled Climate Change Commitments in 2020 aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions through smart innovation, new and modernized infrastructure, and advanced technologies that maintain reliable, resilient, and affordable energy service choices for consumers.

In its Climate Change Position Statement, the industry outlined 10 industry commitments, and we have made significant progress since that time. The areas of focus and the progress made across the natural gas industry are detailed below:

Reducing Emissions

Emissions from the natural gas distribution system have decreased by 69% since 1990.

Energy Efficiency

Continued improvements in natural gas efficiency have reduced residential emissions per customer by 47% since 1971.

Modernizing Natural Gas Pipelines

Investment in Next Generation Technologies

Encourage Sustainable and Responsible Development and Transport of Natural Gas

Focus on Customers and Communities

The natural gas delivery system is 91% efficient from production to customer, meaning less energy is wasted in the delivery of natural gas.

Natural Gas Industry Climate Change Commitments