Benefits of Natural Gas

Add a Splash of Natural Gas

Let’s lay out the benefits of natural gas.

It’s the fuel source that provides quality, comfort and convenience to 178 million Americans.

Natural gas is an indispensable part of our modern lifestyle. Whether heating our homes, our water or cooking our food, natural gas is essential to our home life and the way we live.

Across every room in your home—and even in your garage or backyard—natural gas makes all of these things possible, and so much more.

  • A natural gas fireplace can make any home instantly more inviting.
  • Gas ranges, ovens and cooktop appliances help you prepare meals for your family every day.
  • You can keep indoor temperatures comfortable all year when you use a programmable thermostat with natural gas.
  • You’ll always be ready for electrical outages, especially during severe weather, with a natural gas standby generator.
  • Natural gas helps you enjoy the great outdoors any time you like by powering your firepit, pool heater, barbecue grill, landscape lights or patio heater.
  • A natural gas tankless water heatercan provide hot water on demand.

Because natural gas is so versatile and modern, it adds immediate and lasting value to your home, and continues to do so each time you install a new natural gas appliance. It’s also friendly on your wallet: U.S. consumers who use natural gas save an average of $874 on energy bills each year compared to homeowners who use electricity.

Best of all, it’s a fuel on which all of us can build our future.

As America’s most abundant and affordable fuel, natural gas supplies almost one-fourth of all of the energy used nationwide, and residents of all 50 states enjoy its many benefits thanks to 2.5 million miles of pipeline. The direct use of natural gas achieves 92% efficiency, far better than any other energy source, and it cuts carbon emissions nearly in half. And it’s estimated that our nation has enough natural gas to meet our ever-growing energy needs for the next 100 years.

It’s plain to see: natural gas generates energy—and can power generations. Explore our website to learn more.