Delivering Gas to You

Three segments of the natural gas industry are involved in delivering natural gas from the point of production to the consumer. Production companies explore, drill and extract natural gas from the ground. Transmission companies operate the pipelines that link the gas fields to major consuming areas. Distribution companies are the local utilities that deliver natural gas to the customer.

Transporting Natural Gas Safely Across the Country

Natural gas is delivered to customers through a 2.7 million-mile underground pipeline system. This includes 2.3 million miles of local utility distribution pipelines and 300,000 miles of transmission pipelines that stretch across the country. Natural gas pipelines, which transport more than one-fourth of the energy consumed in the U.S., are an essential part of the nation’s infrastructure. Transportation by pipeline is the safest form of energy delivery in the country. It is an energy delivery system that is the envy of the world.

Modernizing our Infrastructure

All natural gas utilities upgrade and modernize their infrastructure through enhanced risk-based integrity management programs. Gas utilities work with governors, legislators and state regulators around the country to develop innovative models for replacing pipelines no longer fit for service with ones made from more modern materials. This enhances the safety and reliability of our pipeline network, which provides access to this natural resource to homes and businesses across the nation. It also has contributed to a declining trend in emissions from natural gas distribution systems.