April 2017: American Gas Magazine

Cover Story: That Aha! Moment
It’s the latest trend in utility customer engagement: journey mapping. The process can help illuminate key touch points in the customer experience, improve engagement and lead to a successful long-term relationship.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: Leading by Example
Natural gas utilities are leaders in their communities because they are established, respected and willing to constantly reinvent themselves and rethink their methods. We offer solutions to our customers, and our example can deliver solutions for our nation.

Career Builders
So, you have the talent in your door. What’s next? A coordinated and strategic career development program is necessary to groom talented young individuals for a successful career in natural gas and to keep them from moving on to other industries.

Data and analytics can help gas utilities predict demand, plan capacity and manage gas commodities, all while reducing waste and billing errors.

Making a Difference
An odor call uncovered something unexpected, thanks to an Atmos Energy employee’s diligence.