July 2016: American Gas Magazine

July 2016

Cover Story: More Than Child’s Play

From web-based games with cartoon mascots to interactive classroom programs with giveaways, utilities are grabbing kids’ attention to teach them about energy efficiency—a message carried back home to parents, too.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: The Winning Choice

Whether it’s learning energy efficiency tips as a child or realizing as an adult that we can live smart in homes that renew energy, education equals knowledge that protects our natural resources and points to the future of natural gas as a foundation.

Zeroing Out

Builders, homeowners and policymakers are waking up to the efficiency benefits of natural gas.

Burner Tips: Under Pressure

Darren Hunter of Rooney Rippie and Ratnaswamy offers his take on the proposed PHMSA pipeline transmission regulations.

Making A Difference

Columbia Gas of Pennsylvania Field Engineer Katie Geska uses her unexpected diagnosis of MS to raise awareness and motivate young women with an “I can” message.

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