July 2017: American Gas Magazine

Current Issue: July 2017

Cover Story: Paving the Way to Public Acceptance
How do you build new ground and gain trust? Beyond technical excellence, industry experts weigh in and share case studies of strategies that work.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: We Continue to Innovate
Through vision and innovation, we are changing the conversation around natural gas, both benefiting the environment and ensuring that we are able to bring essential energy to those who need it the most.

Right in Our Own Backyard
Here’s a new concept: injecting renewable natural gas into pipelines for direct use in our homes and businesses. It’s happening here and around the world—and the sources are closer than you think.

BURNER TIPS: CIS in the Cloud
As technology advances, more utilities are considering moving mission-critical applications and their data to the cloud, says Rick Cutter of AAC Utility Partners.

Making a Difference
A freshly charged fire extinguisher was crucial for two Columbia Gas of Ohio workers.