June 2017: American Gas Magazine

Current Issue: June 2017

Cover Story: Forward to a Sustainable Energy Future
As the world increasingly turns toward sustainable energy sources, it’s time for natural gas to assert its potential, both as a commodity and as a strategic resource.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: We Stand for Reliability
Smart and efficient use of our product can help our nation achieve its goals of boosting our economy, increasing our energy security and protecting our environment.

The Power of Resiliency
Superstorm Sandy accomplished one good thing: It made everyone realize the importance of resiliency. Enter microgrids. The technology is now moving beyond hospitals and other large buildings and might just be coming to a neighborhood near you.

BURNER TIPS: Marketing
The building and construction professional is a primary contact utilities want to reach. But what’s the best way to maximize your finite marketing dollars?

Making a Difference
On his way to work, a Con Edison employee makes a split-second decision and saves a man’s life.