March 2017: American Gas Magazine

Cover Story:Uncovering the Commercial Sector
Many observers focusing on the future of natural gas in our country have devoted significant attention to the electric power and pipeline-LNG export sectors. However, the next natural gas sector poised for growth might be just down the street.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: Natural Gas Everywhere
Much of the comfort that Americans experience on a day-to-day basis—whether at home, at work or at play—is thanks to natural gas. Together, we are finding ways to tell this story and remind our customers how much comfort they enjoy because of our product.

The Right Ingredients
Commercial kitchens are a key market for natural gas. Some utilities are putting food at the top of their list through a unique service that allows potential customers to test-drive equipment to see—and taste—the benefits of natural gas.

BURNER TIPS: Crisis Communications
In an ideal situation, crisis communications mitigates risk and successfully manages public perception. But there’s a new reality that utilities need to consider when engaging with customers before, during and after a crisis, says global communications marketing firm Edelman. 

Making a Difference
An employee with DTE Energy lives out his childhood dream of being a superhero, bringing joy to kids at his local children’s hospital.