October 2016: American Gas Magazine

October 2016

Cover Story: Inside Out

Since 1996, Carnegie Mellon’s cybersecurity experts have collected at least 1,200 publicly reported cases of insiders causing harm to companies and other institutions—but that might only be the tip of the iceberg. As physical and cyber threats become a company priority across all industries, here’s how natural gas utilities in particular can protect their physical and intellectual assets.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: On the Cutting Edge

Technological innovations are moving our industry forward. At the same time, there are greater risks. We must remain vigilant and continue to plan for our future and our place in it.

Sparks of Innovation

From harnessing virtual reality to feeding wind power into natural gas pipelines, utilities are forging the path to the future.

26th Annual Buyer’s Guide: Stronger Together

New initiatives in supplier diversity are strengthening local communities and economies.

Burner Tips: Field Operations Training

In today’s shifting landscape, utilities must place an emphasis on accelerated learning, enabling field workers to become more skilled and more productive—all in a shorter period of time.

Making a Difference

An Atlanta Gas Light lead crewman boasts an impressive 43 years on the job without a single incident—and is serving as a mentor to new employees.

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