May 2019: American Gas Magazine

Cover Story: ESG: Why It Matters

To help meet the needs of investors, natural gas utilities are sharing the epic story of how the gas industry is proactively addressing environmental issues, thanks to an updated reporting template that provides greater transparency, uniformity and consistency in reporting environmental, social, governance and sustainability metrics.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: In the Balance

Even as natural gas utilities promote customer service, industry safety and security—all while complying with government regulations—a careful balance needs to be achieved to ensure effective regulation that leaves room for necessary market actions.

Securing Our Future

As the DNG-ISAC celebrates five years of delivering secure information-sharing possibilities to the natural gas industry, what’s next is limited only by our imaginations.

BURNER TIPS: Protecting Our Critical Infrastructure

The Pipeline Cybersecurity Initiative is helping increase collaboration between the government and private sector in order to mitigate cybersecurity risks to our energy network, says the National Risk Management Center’s Robert Kolasky.

Making a Difference

DTE employee Sarah Taylor is representing female veterans at work and in her state.