November 2017: American Gas Magazine

Cover Story: Safe & Secure
In a changing world, safety and security are increasingly coming together, particularly for solo field workers and crews.     

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: All Access
Americans want natural gas—both to fuel their homes and to serve as a catalyst for economic growth. Natural gas utilities will continue to meet their customers’ needs—safely and reliably—and work with policymakers to extend service to those who want it, need it and prefer to have it.      

Cutting Through the Regulations
With the NARUC Task Force on Access and Expansion set to release its report this month, commissioners offer a glimpse of successful pipeline strategies that lead to economic and community development.    

Profile: Listen and Learn
Department of Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao plans to continue breaking barriers to ensure the safe and effective transportation of U.S. energy.

Burner Tips: Public Awareness
Meeting or even exceeding compliance requirements isn’t enough. Effective public safety education must drive measurable results, says National Grid’s Kathleen McNamara.     

Making a Difference
Rigorous safety training helped PG&E’s Colby Peterson act decisively to help save a man from drowning on July 4.