November 2019: American Gas Magazine

Cover Story: Prepared to Serve
As the new president of the National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners, Brandon Presley brings vast experience from serving both his home state of Mississippi and the nation. In this exclusive interview, we talk to Presley about his goals as president and the outlook for the utility industry in 2020.

Inside This Issue:

President’s Message: Thinking Ahead
The planning and preparation that the natural gas industry has done over the past few decades is paying dividends through abundant natural gas and a resilient delivery system, fueling the quality of life we all enjoy.

In Any Weather
In the face of torrential rains, brutal cold or other natural disasters, natural gas infrastructure stands strong, thanks to proactive planning and emergency preparedness.

BURNER TIPS: As the Ground Collapses, Rising to the Challenge
A large sinkhole highlights how gas utilities across the country can coordinate critical responses to avoid service interruptions and keep the community safe under challenging circumstances.

Making a Difference
A PG&E employee made history during World War I.