AGA calls on Administration to focus on energy affordability, reliability and security ahead of State of the Union Address 

Ahead of President Biden’s fourth State of the Union Address to Congress, American Gas Association President and CEO Karen Harbert released the following statement: 

“Today 189 million Americans rely on natural gas for every aspect of their lives from heating their homes to feeding their families to providing safe and sanitary hospital care. We hope that in his fourth State of the Union address to Congress, President Biden recognizes the inextricable link between America’s natural gas industry and the opportunities it provides for securing a strong domestic economy, protecting America’s interests and our allies abroad, and driving towards a realistic, reliable low carbon future. That message should include lifting the blockade against new LNG export approvals, streamlining permitting for natural gas infrastructure, protecting consumer choice in appliances, and putting affordability for America’s families at the top of the priority list.

“Natural gas is essential to achieve our country’s economic potential and ambitious environmental goals and is responsible for  driving down U.S. emissions to 1970s levels. Our industry has reduced our emissions by 70% since 1990 by developing advanced technologies and innovating every day to deliver on a bold vision for a clean energy future. Our 4.1 million employees in all 50 states are proud to provide life essential energy every minute of every day.”

AGA recently released its annual Playbook with the latest statistics on the impact of the natural gas industry on American industries and the environment. Emissions from the natural gas distribution system have declined 70% since 1990 with as little as 0.1% of the natural gas flowing through our local distribution systems escaping into the atmosphere. Additionally, more than 640,000 residential customers signed up for natural gas in 2022, with the average household using natural gas for heating, cooking and clothes drying saving an average of $1,132 per year compared to homes using electricity for those applications. Homes that use natural gas for space heating, water heating, cooking and clothes drying also generate 18% lower emissions than those attributable to an all-electric home.