Hydrogen Hub Announcement Aids Decarbonization 

Washington, D.C. – Today, the Biden Administration’s announced seven regional Hydrogen Hubs that were selected to receive Bipartisan Infrastructure Law funding to accelerate the domestic market for hydrogen.  

“This is a monumental step for all of us who care about decreasing emissions swiftly and affordably” said AGA President and CEO Karen Harbert. “Natural gas has played an instrumental role in helping to decarbonize the energy sector over the past decades—a full 60 percent of the power sector emissions reductions thus far can be attributed to increased use of natural gas—and there is so much more work underway. Natural gas utilities are committed to exploring all options for emissions reduction as demonstrated by the 39 hydrogen pilot projects already underway and are eager to participate in a number of the hubs.” 

The decision to include a diversity of hydrogen sources will work to enhance energy security and affordability, decrease emissions, and expand the range of existing infrastructure for incorporation into the hydrogen network. The White House estimates that the seven Hydrogen Hubs announced today will result in a total of nearly $50 billion in investment, primarily from the private sector. In turn, these initial hubs alone are expected to reduce emissions by 25 million metric tons per year. 

“No matter the source for the hydrogen one thing is certain that natural gas utilities will be critical players in driving this exciting opportunity for further decarbonization” Harbert continued. “Thanks to investments like this, I have full confidence that our infrastructure will continue to provide the lowest-emissions and most affordable energy available for home, commercial and industrial use far into the future.” 

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