RMI admits their report does not demonstrate relationship between gas stoves and asthma

Washington, D.C. – RMI today finally admitted that the paper does not demonstrate a causal relationship between gas stove use and asthma. In a statement, they confirm that the report ‘does not assume or estimate a causal relationship’ between childhood asthma and natural gas stoves. Organizations that are making these allegations are relying on reports that did not test natural gas stoves and have ignored research that found no association between gas stoves and asthma. For an issue as important and personal as children’s health, sound science matters. A 2022 study by GTI Energy, which actually tested gas and electric stoves in a lab showed no difference in their particulate emissions, but it did show what and how you cook matters.”

“Consumers deserve transparent information about the products they use, and the natural gas industry has been working day and night to make sure they have just that—safe and reliable energy and objective and transparent information about the energy they use. The perpetuation of the allegations in this recent report, which is funded by non-governmental organizations working to advance their agenda to remove consumer energy choice and the option of natural gas, is not only advancing bad science, but is recklessly creating fear for homeowners without cause.

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