#NowTweetThis: Columbia’s New Report on Natural-Gas Infrastructure and Reaching Net-Zero Emissions

Want to be active on Twitter but don’t know what to tweet? AGA is here to help with our newest series “#NowTweetThis.” Here we’ll be sharing the best insights offered by members of the AGA team on their own social media feeds. Today we focus on AGA’s Richard Meyer, who’s a minor natural-gas Twitter celebrity. His feed is regularly full of useful insights including the one(s) below.

The Center on Global Energy Policy (CGEP) at Columbia University’s School of International Public Affairs recently published a report detailing how improving the nation’s existing natural gas infrastructure could be “a l0w-cost of a zero-carbon energy future.” This is good news for natural gas and should give pause to proponents of across-the-board electrification–it’ll be more effective and less expensive to work with the infrastructure we have.

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Read the full report from CGEP here. Follow Richard on Twitter here.