The Natural Gas Industry is Investing in a Cleaner Energy Future

We often talk about investing in a cleaner energy future, but what do we really mean? The natural gas industry plays a vital role in meeting our nation’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals, and we’re taking a deep dive into just four ways that investment comes to life:

  1. Technological Leadership: America’s natural gas utilities are investing $125 million in low and zero-carbon energy technologies. Our industry is on track to achieve net-zero emissions thanks to a wide range of technologies helping us reach emissions reduction targets, including the adoption and expansion of highly efficient gas heat pumps, utility efficiency programs, and hybrid heating technologies.
  2. We’re Enhancing Infrastructure: Smart innovation is key to our shared success in improving the natural gas delivery system. Natural gas utilities invest more than $95 million every day in infrastructure upgrades and energy efficiency innovations! This increased efficiency helps consumers, businesses, and the environment. Thanks to these investments, Co2 emissions are at 30-year lows. Our infrastructure improvements are necessary to accomplish our goal of reaching net-zero emissions.
  3. Committed to Customers: Delivering safe and affordable natural gas to customers across the country is a top priority. Our utilities invest $4.3 million per day in energy efficiency programs to help customers upgrade insulation and purchase more efficient natural gas appliances. Natural gas utilities are working toward a cleaner future while delivering reliable and affordable energy to the 187 million Americans who rely on us.
  4. We’re Investing in Innovation: We’re leading the way with investments in innovative, carbon-neutral energy sources. Ongoing investments in clean hydrogen expedite emissions reductions by removing carbon from the atmosphere. Hydrogen does not emit carbon emissions when used for energy, making it a critical component in achieving greenhouse gas reduction goals. Using renewable energy to produce hydrogen through electrolysis is an ideal energy storage solution because it does not require lithium or other expensive rare earth minerals. Our industry also invests in other energy products of tomorrow, including renewable natural gas (RNG). RNG can help decrease agricultural greenhouse gas emissions while providing an inexhaustible source of energy. We’re increasing RNG operations with more than 500 projects already in progress or planned in North America to offer carbon-neutral energy to customers using existing infrastructure. Our sustainable energy offers viable pathways to net-zero emissions.

The American Gas Association, natural gas utilities, and industry partners are resolute in our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We believe in building a brighter future and recognize natural gas is a key component in maintaining clean, safe, reliable, and affordable energy.

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