Your Guide to Natural Gas Safety Resources

Safety is a priority for the natural gas industry at every step of the distribution process – and that commitment doesn’t stop once natural gas reaches your home.

There are lots of things you can do to stay safe while you’re cooking, heating your home, or working on that home renovation project. Check out these safety resources so you can continue enjoying the benefits of natural gas.

Cook Like a Pro

These must-know tips for cooking with natural gas will help you safely perfect your culinary masterpiece. These tips cover every step of the cooking process from start to finish. A few key reminders:

Visit the Cook Like a Pro page for more tips to keep top-of-mind.

Call Before You Dig

For your safety, always have your underground utilities marked before starting yard work – whether you’re gardening or starting a new DIY project. AGA worked with partners to establish 811, the national call-before-you dig phone number. Submit a request via phone or through your state’s 811 center website and wait a few days for utilities to respond to your request.

Smell Gas? Act Fast

Make sure you know how to detect and quickly report a gas leak. Utilities odorize natural gas with Mercaptan — which smells similar to rotten eggs — so that a leak is easy to spot. If you detect a leak, take action immediately, starting with leaving the area and taking others with you.

Utilize Your Utility

Natural gas utilities are constantly sharing safety resources with their customers in innovative ways. Don’t forget to check in with your utility for new resources to educate you and others.