How American Natural Gas Fuels American Security  

  • Adam Kay
  • The Revolution we celebrate every 4th of July gave our nation its independence. However, it’s America’s energy security – made possible by American natural gas – that preserves our independence when it matters most. 

    Thanks to American natural gas, we enjoy a level of energy security that protects Americans from even the worst global disruptions to energy supplies. Less than a decade ago, the success of American natural gas was still in doubt as OPEC producers attempted to drive American producers out of business by flooding the market with cheap natural gas and oil. But American innovation allowed U.S. producers to produce natural gas affordably and sustainably. Today, we enjoy the benefits of these efforts with some of the lowest emissions and most affordable natural gas in the world. 

    This abundance of natural gas has benefited us in numerous ways. For example, virtually all synthetic fertilizers are derived from natural gas, with our vast supply of low-cost natural gas helping ensure that American agriculture remains strong and our food supply secure. Additionally, natural gas has become the leading method of electrical generation. Natural gas use for electrical generation has doubled over the past two decades to approximately 40% of generation while bringing electrical generation greenhouse gas emissions to 40-year lows. This shift has not only lowered costs but also reduced greenhouse gas emissions, making our energy cleaner and more affordable – great news for anyone reading this piece from the comfort of an air-conditioned home. 

    Affordable energy has been – and remains – a boon for the economy. Since the Shale Revolution began in 2008, the U.S. economy has grown tremendously. While the EU’s GDP increased modestly from $16.3 trillion to $18.4 trillion, the U.S. GDP soared from $14 trillion to $28.3 trillion by 2023. This remarkable economic growth is fueled by our energy security and the affordable, reliable energy provided by natural gas. 

    The natural gas revolution continues to pay off for us. In 2023, American energy production exceeded consumption by amounts not seen in more than 70 years. In today’s global climate, the security this brings us is of tremendous value. As we celebrate American independence, let’s take a moment to appreciate the energy security and prosperity that American natural gas brings to our nation. Happy Independence Day!