Natural Gas ESG / Sustainability

In response to growing interest in the role of natural gas in a sustainable energy future, the American Gas Association (AGA) has partnered with Edison Electric Institute (EEI) to develop a voluntary reporting template with the goal of helping electric and gas companies provide the financial sector with more uniform and consistent ESG/sustainability data and information. 

In order to develop investor-driven ESG/sustainability reporting practices, EEI and AGA  assembled a broad working group comprised of finance sector specialists in asset management, ESG/sustainability, and investment banking; buy-side and sell-side analysts; and industry representatives from various disciplines, including accounting, environment, ESG/sustainability, finance, treasury, investor relations, and legal.

The electric and gas companies using the ESG/sustainability template will publish data by the third quarter of each year. For those interested in the information, EEI and AGA member companies typically will post it on the investor relations or sustainability sections of their websites.  See below for links to AGA member company websites where their template materials are posted. 

In February 2021, AGA and EEI released the Natural Gas Sustainability Initiative (NGSI) Version 1 Protocol for calculating methane emissions intensity for operations across the natural gas supply chain.  Participating members will have an opportunity to link to their NGSI methane metric from their ESG qualitative discussion.  For further information about NGSI, see Natural Gas Sustainability Initiative

EEI and AGA ESG/Sustain​ability Template - Version 2 

Additional Resources

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AGA Contacts

Jake Rubin
Senior Director, Public Relations and Executive Communications, 202-824-7027

Gary Gardner
Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Corporate Secretary, 202-824-7270

Pamela Lacey
Chief Regulatory Counsel, 202-824-7340


EEI-AGA Version 2 ESG Template, including Gas Metrics - Participating Companies:** Slightly Different Format



AGA ESG Gas Metrics (earlier Oct. 2018 Version) Participating Companies: *Now Using Version 2. See link above.