AGA Comments on EPA RNG Reporting Option for the Voluntary Methane Challenge Program

On Friday Oct. 30, AGA submitted comments on EPA’s proposal to add a reporting option on renewable natural gas (RNG) in the voluntary Methane Challenge Program.  We generally supported the idea of offering partner companies the option of reporting on their RNG supplies, but we asked EPA to avoid duplicating other RNG reporting programs, such as the DOE EIA proposed RNG addition for Form 176 or the existing Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) reporting of RNG used for vehicle fuel.  A copy of AGA’s June 2020 comments on the EIA RNG reporting proposal were attached for background on the EIA proposal. We also suggested removing a few of the more burdensome reporting metrics that would not serve the goals of encouraging greater use of RNG in natural gas systems or gaining a better understanding about RNG supplies in pipeline and distribution systems.

AGA Comments on RNG Option for EPA Methane Challenge Oct 30 2020

AGA Comments on EIA RNG and LNG Forms June 29 2020