AGA Submits Comments on PHMSA’s Proposed Rulemaking for the Installation of Automatic Shut-off and Remote Controlled Valves (ASV/RCVS)

On April 6, AGA, APGA, INGAA, and API jointly filed comments on PHMSA’s proposed rulemaking for installing automatic shut-off and remote controlled valves. In its comments, the trades asks PHMSA to clarify the applicability of the proposed rule to distribution facilities, clarify valve spacing and automation requirements for different class locations and HCA’s, exclude pipelines that have an MAOP less than 30% of SMYS or a PIR less than or equal to 150 feet from the proposed automated valve requirements, eliminate the ten-minute “identification” requirement because the proposed 40-minute response standard is sufficient to ensure the safety of gas transmission pipelines in class 3, 4, and HCA locations, and allow operators to establish specific rupture notification criteria for each pipeline, rather than applying the same pressure drop criterion to all pipelines.

PHMSA is still planning to hold a gas pipeline advisory committee meeting in July to discuss this rulemaking.