Natural Gas Fuels the Final Four

As players are suiting up to play in this year’s Final Four games in New Orleans, Louisiana’s natural gas utilities will be gearing up to provide reliable energy as they host the tournament. Louisiana is one of the top five states in both natural gas production and proved reserves, so the state is well prepared for the increased energy needed to host such a large-scale event. Families, players, and basketball fans can visit New Orleans happily knowing that natural gas will be providing the resilient energy they need to enjoy everything the state has to offer.

Natural gas serving Louisiana’s communities and businesses

Louisiana is the third-largest natural gas-consuming state and the second-largest natural gas consumer on a per capita basis. About one out of three Louisiana households rely on natural gas for cooking and home heating, but the share of gas consumed by the residential sector is relatively small. Due to its mild winters, only about two percent of the state’s total consumption is used residentially.

Seeing that natural gas is adaptable and can be used to fuel the production of other energy sources, the industrial sector accounts for almost three-fifths of the natural gas consumed, and the electric power sector uses about one-fifth. Also, about one-sixth of the state’s natural gas consumption is used in the production and distribution of the state’s oil and gas resources.

Louisiana’s strong natural gas supply

In 2020, there was an increase in well production that raised monthly natural gas production from the Haynesville Shale to a record 12 bcf per day. This helped Louisiana become the country’s third-largest natural gas producer.

While Louisiana began producing more natural gas, the state also began exporting 55% of the U.S.’s total liquid natural gas (LNG). As LNG demand continues to rise, Louisiana is stepping up to the challenge and investing more into LNG exports to become a part of the global energy market. With strong supplies and investments like that, it’s no wonder why they’re bringing collegiate sport’s biggest games to the state.

As natural gas directly and indirectly provides all of Louisiana’s energy needs, both residents’ homes and the Final Four games will be fueled all the way through the final buzzer.