Safe Natural Gas

The natural gas industry prides itself on being a safe, reliable provider of efficient energy—not only its customers but also for the thousands of employees who work each day to deliver natural gas to homes and businesses throughout the U.S. Safety statistics show continued improvements in employee safety over the past five years. The American Gas Association, the natural gas industry, and members of the public all play a part in continuing this record of safety success.

Our Part

Safety is and always will be the number one priority for the natural gas industry. Any natural gas incident, no matter the size, is one incident too many. Learn about the efforts of AGA and the natural gas industry to ensure and improve natural gas safety.

Your Part

Two simple steps by you keep natural gas safe:

  1. Know what to do if you smell natural gas. Learn how to recognize the smell of natural gas, and how to keep everyone safe if there might be a natural gas leak.
  2. Call 811 Before You Dig! Pipeline damage from digging and excavation has been a leading cause of pipeline-related deaths and injuries. Be safe: call 811 before any digging project, no matter the size, to make you don't strike a gas line.

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