Call 811 Before You Dig

Whenever you're planting a tree, digging in your yard, or excavating, remember to call 811 to find out where your utility lines are, before you dig. Calling 811 helps to prevent accidents, protecting both you and your community's pipelines. It's not safe to guess, and looks can be deceiving. 

The 811 Safe Digging project is led by The Common Ground Alliance, a member-driven association co-founded by AGA and dedicated to the prevention of excavation damages to our country’s underground utility infrastructure. Excavation damages are the leading reason for unplanned outages to energy utilities and telecommunications service, that are experienced by homeowners and businesses.

Anyone who plans to dig can also visit to contact 811 in their state and keep these tips in mind:

  • You should call 811 or use your state 811 center’s website a few business days before you begin any digging, including common projects like planting trees and shrubs or installing fences and mailboxes. The specific amount of advance notice that you are required to provide varies by state.
  • You will need to know the address of where you plan to dig, including the county and nearest cross street, as well as the type of project you are completing and the exact area on the property where you’re planning to dig. Whether calling 811 or submitting a request online, you will need the same information.
  • Wait up to 3 working days to allow utilities to respond to your request and ensure that all utility lines have indeed been marked before breaking ground.