Promoting Safety

Natural gas utilities are part of the communities in which they operate, serving customers through an extensive pipeline system. Keeping our customers safe, secure and informed is paramount.

Safety is the core value and highest priority for the natural gas industry. AGA and its member companies are committed to promoting positive safety cultures among their employees throughout the natural gas distribution industry. All employees, as well as contractors and suppliers providing services to AGA members, are expected to place the highest priority on employee, customer, public and pipeline safety. Along these lines, AGA and its member companies have developed a Safety Culture Statement that clearly outlines principles involved in making a successful safety culture. These principles include:

  • Commitment by Management
  • Speak Up
  • Identify Hazards
  • Manage Risks
  • Plan the Work, Work the Plan
  • Promote a Learning Environment
  • Personal Accountability

You can read the entire AGA Safety Culture Statement here.

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